Dental Hygienist

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Job Summary

Responsible for delivering dental hygiene services in accordance with Florida Statutes 466 and Administrative Rules 64B-5, including but not limited to providing dental care at HFHC locations and other off-site centers as needed (including school-based clinics and health fairs), with emphasis on prevention and education of patients about oral diseases.  Responsible for performing the dental treatment and associated tasks with adherence to HIPAA, CDC, and OSHA standards.

Qualifications / Requirements


·         Graduate of a CODA-accredited dental hygiene program or internationally trained dentist with completed dental hygiene training and licensing requirements, including dental radiology certification, required.

·         Certification can be obtained within the dental hygiene program or post-graduate continuing education.

Certification and Licensure:

·         Must have passed the National Dental Hygiene Boards and possess and maintain a current and active Florida State Dental Hygiene Licenses (Department of Health/Division of Medical Quality Assurance); no history of license revocations or suspensions in any other state.

·         Current BLS certificate from an accredited AHA provider within 30 days from the date of hire – may be available from HFHC upon request.


·         Minimum One (1) year of dental hygiene clinical experience preferred.

·         Experience working with children is a plus.

·         Experience dealing with underserved populations and cultural competency a plus.

·         Bilingual preferred – Spanish/English helpful.

·         Must have the ability to effectively use computer software and an electronic health record system.

·         Nitrous Oxide Analgesia training is preferred.

·         Must be able to stay positive in stressful situations and deal professionally with unhappy, fearful, and confrontational patients.

·         Must maintain an effective and positive professional working relationship with all dental and non-dental staff at all times.

·         Must have general knowledge of basic dental policies & procedures and oral health issues, especially regarding oral hygiene.

·         Must be knowledgeable in dental terminology.

·         Must be competent in general office skills such as computers (Microsoft Office products), faxes, telephones, and copy machines.

·         Must be knowledgeable of office software (Office, Outlook, Excel), digital radiography software, and knowledge of EHR preferred.

·         Must be able to organize and prioritize workload.

·         Must maintain an effective and positive professional working relationship with staff at all times.

·         Must have the ability to understand and respond effectively and with sensitivity to special population groups. Special population groups include those defined by race, ethnicity, language, age, sex, sexual orientation, economic standing, & others.

·         Must have excellent people skills – good communication required.

·         Must have or be willing to train in child and adult behavior management.

·         Must have good manual dexterity for the utilization of specialized equipment.

·         Must be team-oriented and open to learning the front office aspect of dental care, including but not limited to insurance verification and scheduling.


Essential Functions

  • Identify patients by the use of Double Identifiers – i.e., name and birth date.
  • Collect, update, and record medical history, including a list of medications and allergies.
  • Document patients’ chief complaints in their patient’s own words.
  • Obtain vitals, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and or glucose levels (when applicable), and enter them in the patient chart.
  • Operate dental X-ray equipment and take diagnostic dental X-rays as prescribed by the dentist.
  • Maintain dental hygiene instruments, including cleaning, bagging, sterilization/disinfection, and re-circulation following OSHA and CDC standards.
  • Clean and maintain dental hygiene equipment.
  • Educate patients regarding dental consent forms, obtains patient or parent signatures, and signs forms prior to specialty procedures, including but not limited to scaling and root planning.
  • Provide dental education on-site and within the community, as needed, including an explanation of oral diseases, oral hygiene instruction, and post-op instructions.
  • Deliver dental hygiene services as defined by Florida Statute 466 and Administrative Rule 64B5. Delivers Care at any HFHC site assignments or other off-site areas, as needed, including school-based programs and health fairs.
  • Screen and triage emergency patients, if needed.
  • Assist in the monitoring of Nitrous Oxide Analgesia administration by the dentist.
  • Perform operatory disinfection before and after dental procedures.
  • Record accurate dental charting of existing restorations, new dental caries, and planned restorations.
  • Maintains recall records and coordinate hygiene maintenance scheduling by collaborating with the dental front desk specialists.
  • Record periodontal charting as needed for patients >18 years of age.
  • Make detailed patient record entries after all treatment encounters, locks notes, and sends for co-signature by supervising dentist within 48 hours of services rendered.
  • Present treatment plans prepared by the dentist and obtain patient and or parent signatures.
  • Assist in scheduling appointments.
  • Maintain proper inventory by monitoring dental hygiene supplies, instrument, and equipment function and availability, and removing expired materials and damaged instruments.
  • Order and organize dental hygiene supplies.
  • Maintain Log Manuals as directed by the office manager and the dentist.
  • Maintain dental equipment by changing filters, solutions, or chemicals following the manufacturer’s recommendations, and cleans dental equipment in accordance with OSHA and CDC standards.
  • Complete any necessary paperwork/data entry required.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality at all times as required by HIPAA.
  • May be required to travel to other HFHC locations as needed.
  • Assists with other clinical and office duties as assigned or necessary.


The Population Served

As part of the Patient Centered Medical Home Model of care, the employee will advocate for patient’s best interest and make recommendations for patient special needs such as interpreter services; identified barriers to care such as transportation, medication assistance, outreach, and health education; influence patient’s engagement in their care; promoting a continuum of safe, quality, and cost-effective patient care.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the overall health status of Marion County residents by providing quality primary medical, dental and mental health services to all residents, but in particular to those residents who would not otherwise be able to access the services due to financial limitation and/or lack of health insurance.

Core Values

Integrity * Quality * Respect * Collaboration * Compassion

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