Working together with a shared goal

Heart of Florida Health Center’s mindset is “What can we do for you?” with our Community Partners.
Whether it is working with our local United Way and Public School System to partner in school-based clinics for better overall health of the children of our community, to collaborating with our many local colleges with internships and shadowing for the Health Sciences or being support systems for our fellow non-profits that share our mission. We believe these relationships are invaluable.

Heart of Florida Health Center’s Mission, Vision, and Values are what set the groundwork of our foundation, how we build off that foundation is how we continue to grow to the needs of our community. The needs of the patient and “treating the whole person” care model extends past just healthcare, proving the worth and effectiveness of these partnerships. An example of such a call- to-action was the Covid-19 Pandemic. The community needed to come together as one to benefit and protect all residents of our County and beyond.

These collaborations not only evolve and strengthen, but can lead to future opportunities and new partnerships that continue to make us proud of being the Heart of the Community!