Antoinette Burke, MSW

Behavioral Health Consultant
Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern
Locations: Main and Central

Antoinette Burke, MSWAntoinette, a Registered Social Worker Intern, has been working in Community Mental Health and Addiction Services for over 8 years. She holds a Masters in Social Work.

Antoinette is passionate about empowering others through a strength-based approach, utilizing Trauma Therapy to facilitate healing from painful past experiences, and emotional regulation through mindfulness. She is dedicated to helping those suffering from trauma and an advocate to LGBTQ+ community. Toni is also a registered Advanced Resolution Therapist(ART). ART is an evidenced based approach that can help with many mental illnesses to include but not limit, trauma, PTSD, anxiety and more. Toni’s desire is to provide a safe place for growth and healing.