PRESS RELEASE: Heart of Florida Health Center Chief Executive Officer Announces Departure

Ocala, FL, June 6, 2022 – Heart of Florida Health Center, (HFHC) Jamie Ulmer has announced his resignation as Chief Executive Office of Heart of Florida Health Center

Ulmer has accepted the CEO position at Health Care Network, a federally- qualified health center in Collier County in SW Florida that has been in practice since 1977.

“I think HFHC went from a small community health center to a formidable powerhouse, high quality primary care center for everyone,” said Ulmer. “I found that parts of Collier County are similar to Marion County when it comes to gaps in care but on a larger scale. ‘I think God gave me a tap on the shoulder to say, you have done your deed and good, it is time to apply that to another community,’ ” he continued.
Chief Operating Officer Maria Torres, whom Ulmer describes as resilient and someone who leads by example, will be the interim CEO following his departure on June 24.

“Jamie Ulmer executed the necessary vision to elevate Heart of Florida Health Center (HFHC) as the leading primary care provider in Marion County. I am honored, with the trust of the Board of Directors, to be appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer to maintain the momentum of the organization. I am confident that HFHC will remain focused as a company on its mission and dedication to the community,” said Maria Torres, COO.

A few accomplishments under Ulmer’s direction that last four and a half years includes, a 67,000 sq foot headquarters was bought and renovated, four new in-house pharmacies were opened, two hospital residency programs were established, and inmate health for the Marion County Jail contract was signed.

“Jamie is an extremely talented individual and we, as the Board of Directors, feared this day,” said Randy Klein, Board Chairman. “The Heart of Florida Health Center benefited tremendously from his presence, and he will be sorely missed.”


About Heart of Florida Health Center

Heart of Florida Health Center is a federally qualified nonprofit health center (FQHC) founded in 2009 as a successor to Community Health Services Inc. Its mission is to improve the overall health status of Marion County residents by providing quality primary medical, dental and mental health services. HFHC has eight (9) sites: Belleview, Central, Dunnellon, East, Reddick, SW-Marion Oaks, Ocala West, Maternity, and Pediatric Dental location.

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Heart of Florida Health Center, recognized nationally for achieving highest Level III Patient Centered Medical Home Status and as a Quality Leader in the top 30% Clinical Outcomes, vision is to be the provider of the highest quality, affordable, patient-centered primary health care in Marion County.